Photography captures timeless situations, ordinary people, the texture of life in the moment.

Photography expresses humor, joy and beauty.

Walter feels a responsibility to preserve a visual history documenting positive real-life images; this is the stimulus for his photography. His work expresses that philosophy through an evolving photographic style.


Walter’s work preserves life’s interactions, captures the present for the future and provides a bridge for future generations of photographers.


Walter’s life-long focus is capturing and preserving personal interactions. His work has been exhibited and published throughout America, Africa and Europe. He has lectured at numerous Universities throughout the United States.


He reaches out to the next generations of photographers by leading young people’s photography workshops.


Walter’s repertoire results from a lifetime of photographing jazz musicians, cityscapes, cultural events, dancers and the seasons of life; it is a constant voice and ever-expanding collection of unique personal images creating a universal visual history.




Walter Griffin Photographer